Sourabh Shetty


16 Squares of Blacksburg

An augmented reality application built on Unity using the Vuforia SDK and written in C#, visualizing the history of the city of Blacksburg and incorporating a variety of interaction techniques.



An Eclipse plugin written in Java that automatically detects insecure code and security-related bugs in a project and suggests fixes for them.



An Android application written in Java for remotely monitoring and securing a desktop. Includes the ability to remotely lock or shutdown a computer, restrict USB access, get screenshots of what the potential perpetrator is doing on the system, and taking a picture of the perpetrator using the system’s webcam.


Mapster / Locus for Instagram

An Android & web application to find Instagram pictures posted near your current location or anywhere in the world by clicking on a map. Technologies used: Java, the Android SDK, its location APIs, the Instagram REST API, HTML, CSS (with Bootstrap), JavaScript (with Jquery), PHP and SQL.

Code Video

Gfycat Bulk Uploader

Batch upload GIFs to gfycat and download the converted MP4s automatically.


Crusader Kings 2 Family Tree Generator

Parses a Crusader Kings 2 (*.ck2) savefile and generates a text family tree in HTML


OEM Info Editor

A portable tool built using C# in Visual Studio to allow users to add and/or edit fields in the Windows System properties view.


SEC Litigation Releases

Goes through the SEC website and identifies cases associated with insider trading, and downloads the case as well as the PDF complaint if it is available.


Wikidump XML Most Edited

Written to parse a 100GB Wikidump XML file and find the most edited article in a given time span.


University Results Scraper / Rank List Generator

Reads in results unclean data for the entire university and spits out the relevant rank list



Redesign for popular skateboarding website



Contact sharing application made entirely in Visual Basic 6 for a college course